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Carmen 4
In   by  Catullus.
Phaselus ille, quem videtis, hospites,
ait fuisse navium celerrimus,
neque ullius natantis impetum trabis
nequisse praeterire, sive palmulis
opus foret volare sive linteo.
Et hoc negat minacis hadriatici
negare litus insulasve Cycladas
Rhodumque nobilem horridamque Thraciam
Propontida trucemve Ponticum sinum,
ubi iste post phaselus antea fuit
comata silva; nam Cytorio in iugo
loquente saepe sibilum edidit coma.
Amastri Pontica et Cytore buxifer,
tibi haec fuisse et esse cognitissima
ait phaselus, ultima ex origine
tuo stetisse dicit in cacumine,
tuo imbuisse palmulas in aequore,
et inde tot per impotentia freta
erum tulisse, laeva sive dextera
vocaret aura, sive utrumque Iuppiter
simul secundus incidisset in pedem;
neque ulla vota litoralibus deis
sibi esse facta, cum veniret a mari
novissimo hunc ad usque limpidum lacum.
Sed haec prius fuere; nunc recondita
senet quiete seque dedicat tibi,
gemelle Castor et gemelle Castoris.
In   by  Chal.
That boat that you see guests
says that it was the fastest of ships
it was able to surpass the speed of any other boat
or if there was a need
for an oar or sail to fly
And the boat denies that the shore of the threatning
Adriatic denies this, or the cyclades islands
the famous island of Rhodus, wild Thracian
rough sea of Marmara, Pontus bay
where it later a small boat was previously
the woods having much foliage; for in the Cytorian ridge
with its whistiling leaves often produce whistling
Pontiac Amastris and box bearing Cytorus
the boat said that these things have been
well known to you from its earliest days
he said that he stood on top
you have dipped oars into your sea
and then, to have carried his master
through so many raging seas, whether a breeze was
calling from the left or from the right
or if at the same time a favorable breeze fell upon each foot
and he says neither any prayers to the Gods of the shore
was done by him, when the boat was coming
from the newest sea all the way to the clear lake
But these events came earlier; now you are old
in a hidden rest and dedicates itself to you
the twin Castor and twin of Castor.
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