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Assistant Professor
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Research themes

Transport Engineering and Logistics
Dept. of Marine and Transport Technology
Delft University of Technology
Mekelweg 2, 2628 CD  Delft
The Netherlands

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Room B-3-290
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LOGMS - International Conference on
Logistics and Maritime Systems (LOGMS) 2014

ICNSC - International Conference on
Networking, Sensing, and Control 2014

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Current research interests:
Multi-Agent Control for Transport Networks,
Coordination within and among transport hubs

Distributed MPC Made Easy (New)
Intelligent Infrastructures -- The Book


MSc TEL/TIL project topics

Interested in a research position in control,
optimization, and transport networks?

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Recently added publications:
R.R. Negenborn, J.M. Maestre. Distributed model predictive control -- An overview and roadmap of future research opportunities. Accepted for publication in IEEE Control Systems Magazine, 2014.   
L. Li, R.R. Negenborn, B. De Schutter. A receding horizon approach for container flow assignment in intermodal freight transport. Accepted for publication in Journal of the Transportation Research Board, 2014.   

Spotlight publications:
S. Leirens, C. Zamora, R.R. Negenborn, B. De Schutter. Coordination in urban water supply networks using distributed model predictive control. In Proceedings of the 2010 American Control Conference (ACC'10), Baltimore, Maryland, pp. 3957-3962, June 2010.   
R.R. Negenborn, P.J. van Overloop, B. De Schutter. Coordinated distributed model predictive reach control of irrigation canals. In Proceedings of the European Control Conference 2009 (ECC'09), Budapest, Hungary, pp. 1420-1425, August 2009.   
M. Arnold, R.R. Negenborn, G. Andersson, B. De Schutter. Multi-area predictive control for combined electricity and natural gas systems. In Proceedings of the European Control Conference 2009 (ECC'09), Budapest, Hungary, pp. 1408-1413, August 2009.   
R.R. Negenborn, B. De Schutter, M.A. Wiering, J. Hellendoorn. Learning-based model predictive control for Markov decision processes. In Proceedings of the 16th IFAC World Congress, Prague, Czech Republic, July 2005. Paper 2106 / We-M16-TO/2.   

logistics, intermodal transport, container transport
transport over water, control of ships

transportation networks, inter-terminal transport
water networks power networks, gas networks

multi-agent systems, model predictive control, hybrid systems
reinforcement learning, Kalman filters, learning robots

Active topic cloud (past 3 years):

Topsector Water/STW Maritime 2013
Program "ShipDrive"

Next Generation Port Infrastructures, Powered by Maasvakte 2
Inter Terminal Transport at the Port of Rotterdam

    Next Generation Port Infrastructures, Powered by Maasvakte 2
Towards guaranteed port accessibility

Innovational Research Incentives Scheme
2010 VENI Grant

       Distributed Model Predictive Control Made Easy       
Distributed Model Predictive Control Made Easy

Infrastructures -- The Book       
Intelligent Infrastructures

Infrastructures -- The Book       
Water Prediction and Control Technology
(Special issue of Journal of Hydroinformatics)

       Multi-Agent Model Predictive Control with Applications to Power 
Multi-Agent Model Predictive Control
with Applications to Power Networks

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